Gratitude on a crazy day

Life gets pretty crazy sometimes. Especially if you are a bit of an “A-type personality” like me and you keep days overfilled. Work too can be an addiction, and I have it. That means I can make myself crazy with commitments and things to get done … and I find myself on this Wednesday night scrambling to write the weekly post.

So I am going to take these moments of writing to stop and breathe, to see the small joys and appreciate my many blessings. The best and most grounded way for me to do that is to step outdoors or look out the window and see the beauty of the natural world.

A half moon is peaking out between clouds …

     I breathe in deeply and slowly.

The clouds  are brushed with the last rosy glow of sunset, and promise a  beautiful day tomorrow.

     I breathe in deeply and feel it right down to my toes.

The air is so fresh and clean it smells sweet.

     I breathe in deeply and feel the earth, holding me up and keeping me steady.

As I connect with the natural world, time seems to slow down, my breathing gets deeper, and I feel calm, centered and ready to cherish my sobriety and work my program again.

May you find the ways to connect with your calm centre, the place where the endless chatter of addiction is stilled, where you can appreciate the small moments that bring such sweetness to life.

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