Gratitude everyday

As I’ve written before, gratitude is a big part of my sobriety journey. It is my calm centre, the place that helps me see my progress, reflect on the journey and “keep coming back!”

I know that I have so much to be grateful for, and thinking about my many blessings is core to my sobriety. But why?

For one thing, every time I stop to think about the blessings in my life, I slow down. It helps me to get in the moment, to just “be.” Not to be looking for the next high, the next great thing. Instead I enjoy the rhythm of my kinder and gentler life of sobriety day by day. I experience such contentment when I hold that gratitude, when I reflect on my blessings, when I live in and appreciate this very moment.

When I was in my drinking and drugging days, I forgot to notice the small moments, the small joys because I kept on looking for something great, something wonderful, something fabulous. So I missed the very many tiny perfect moments in my daily life, whether the comfort of a lovely cup of tea, or a smile from a friend, or appreciating being warm and dry right now while a huge rainstorm is soaking the landscape all around me (and that the internet is not – yet! – down from all the rain). I am so very grateful for having and noticing those moments, and for understanding what each of the small joys bring to my life.

And reflecting on my blessings helps me put any frustrations or disappointments in perspective. I may not have gotten the contract I was hoping for (a big thing), or a friend may have been inconsiderate (a small thing that is part of the dance of any relationship, especially if you can talk about it and work through it with your friend), or someone might have cut me off in an intersection while driving (a very small thing that can consume an unnecessary amount of energy). In those times, I can draw a deep breath, truly feel gratitude for my blessings, and hold on to the desire to stay sober for another day.

Many thanks for all my blessings!

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3 Responses to Gratitude everyday

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks another insight/reminder, Sybil. We all need reminding about gratitude. I know I certainly do. Thank you. I am grateful for your blogs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    lovely sentiment and interesting approach

  3. Sibyl says:

    I’m really glad that the blog is giving some people food for thought and encouragement.

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