In working the A.A. program, a person is supposed to practice the principles behind the 12 steps in how we live our life (more of that when I get to talking about Step 12 as the year rounds …). For that matter, living up to one’s principles is how many of us try to live our lives, whether in A.A., another program or just trying to live the way one believes is right.

For me, one of the very challenging principles is forgiveness. And – this may not surprise you too much if you’ve read some of my earlier posts – the person I have the hardest time forgiving is myself.

In my journey to become the person I want to be, I’m working on softening my A-type personality and being less driven (though some friends may laugh gently about my slow progress; okay, this may be a lifetime of effort). I have always had very high expectations of myself. So when I have a run of mistakes like in the past couple of weeks, I have to work at forgiving myself.

I have learned that being kind to myself is really important to working my program and being the person I want to be. Being kind – to me, not just to others – helps me to find that calm centre where I can think of who and how I want to be. (It definitely helps that my very sweet partner is so kind and encouraging to me while I struggle to handle my errors.)

So, my focus this week is remembering that we all make mistakes, and to forgive myself.

Many thanks for listening/reading. Being kind is a gift we can give to ourselves, and to our friends and family. In gratitude for all the kindnesses in my life.

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