Why am I grateful?

I’m on the road again this week (Alberta), so this brief post is written in the last moments of a Wednesday …

Why am I grateful? Let me count the gifts:

  • Sobriety – 25 years!
  • Sanity.
  • A wonderful partner of 22 years who strongly supports my sobriety in so many ways.
  • A fabulous daughter who has never known her mother to drink or do drugs.
  • Friends and family who enrich my life, and with whom I share love and laughter.
  • Able to see the many small joys that come as gifts in my daily life, from the flutter of a leaf in the wind, to the smell of rich earth or a sea breeze, to the song of a bird or the smile of a stranger.
  • Able to be present in the moment – not every moment, as life is a journey and I am still working on growing into the person I hope to be.
  • Deep contentment about who I am in the world, even as I discover more things for me to learn, to do better, to do more gently or easily.
  • A spiritual journey that connects me with nature and with an unknown and unknowable yet very present Spirit, and that makes it possible for me to be intentional in how I live this life.

These and other bountiful gifts help me stay sober because so much wonder has come into my life, gifts I am certain I would not have if I was still using. I am truly and humbly most grateful!

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