Looking back, looking forward

With much gratitude, I made it through another holiday season without alcohol or drugs.  There was very little alcohol consumption at home this year, as usual (thank you family!). My partner and I were out at a New Years Eve party where no one seemed intent on getting drunk, and instead shared good conversation, fireworks and even some dancing. I hope those of you struggling to stay sober were able to hang in, and have fun with family and/or friends.

And looking forward …

It’s the time of year when many people make resolutions. Several FB friends posted about making a gratitude or joy jar, and that’s what I’m going to try. The idea is to set up a jar or small box, write short notes about things that happen throughout the year that you are grateful for, and put them in. At the end of the year, go through the notes and reflect on the many joys and positives in the year. I’m going to try it.

Writing this blog has been really good for my sobriety. I have been thinking much more about those early years of sobriety. Some of the memories have been painful, for sure, but it has been good to remember. As a result of deciding to write this blog to celebrate 25 years of sobriety, I am thinking a lot more about gratitude, we are talking about it more at home, and I also talk about it more with friends and family.

I know that thinking about why I am grateful – remembering those small joys – is an important part of my sobriety. It will give me pleasure to put my little notes in the jar during the year. And I can look forward to the joy of going through the jar at the end of the year, and reflecting on the many positives and pleasures in my sober life.

Many of us are struggling with addictions or have people close to us who are fighting these demons. This gratitude jar sounds like a great way to focus on the positives in my life, to have the rich conversations about the many reasons for staying sober, to keep working on my sobriety every day.

Whether this idea appeals to you or not, may 2013 be a year filled with health, joy, peace and gratitude.

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