Quietly grateful

Ah, sometimes life is just a little more challenging than we hope. For me, the past week has meant health challenges that cause me pain and make me very tired.

So, it will be a short post this week to express my gratitude for:

  • Being sober. First and most important, staying sober one day at a time (and another and another …) is fundamental to the good life I lead today.
  • Being safe. I made it home after a meeting and an hour drive home in snowfall.
  • Being loved. My honey has been feeding me healthy food and generally taking care of me while I have been sick – I am so lucky and so grateful.

My wish is that everyone can live in safety, and find your way to sobriety if drinking or drugs is a problem in your life and for the people who care about you. And a little love is pretty good too! 🙂

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