Taking a deep breath

In my last post, I mentioned that one of the ways I avoid picking up a drink or taking a toke is by taking a deep breath. In thinking about it after, I realized that there was a lot more to say about this particular tool in my battle against the demon rum.

It sounds like a simple thing really, taking a deep breath. After all, we take breaths all the time! But in our stressed-out modern lives, many of us find ourselves tensing up. If our chest tightens up, it can be hard to take in the cleansing oxygen-filled air we need. If we don’t pay attention, it may not even be possible to take a deep breath.

And that’s where using deep breaths to stay sober comes in for me. By consciously thinking about taking a deep breath, I have to slow down a bit, I have to loosen my tight shoulders, and breathe. As I breathe deeply, I feel more muscles loosen. I start to find my centre, the place where I know and love myself. In my mind, I also reach down touch the Earth, which connects me to Spirit and to the person I wish to be.

It’s amazing what taking a few deep breaths can do for my health, my sanity, my sobriety. I feel better, stronger, more content.


By the way, I was feeling pretty stressed before writing this post – just one of those days. In writing about taking deep breaths, I have been taking deep breaths … and I feel much better!

So, another deep breath, with thanks for connecting me to a desire for sanity and sobriety. Gratitude indeed.

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