It’s May again …

What a wonderful time of year! The smells of spring surround me, and I am greeted by birdsong each morning. Even if you live in an urban jungle, I hope that the change of season brings you renewed energy and some of the small joys that so sustain me.

It seems hard to believe that I started this blog almost a year ago. It has been wonderful to share important parts of my sobriety journey:

  • To remember those trembling early days when I barely managed to stay sober for a minute, for an hour.
  • To reflect on the pain, the shame, the hard parts and the small steps forward as I worked through the 12 Steps of the A.A. program.
  • To recognize how important it was to share experience, strength and hope with other alcoholics and addicts in A.A. meetings.
  • To appreciate the support and encouragement from my partner, my daughter, my friends and my family through the days and years of my sobriety.
  • To celebrate how much better my life is. The insanity is gone, I am content, I see the small joys in my daily life, and I can strive to live an intentional, Spiritful life.

What an amazing journey. I am so grateful for my sobriety, and for deciding to take on this year of reflection and sharing.

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