A final reflection

What a year! It has been both easy and hard to write a weekly post over the past year to celebrate my 25 years of sobriety.

In early posts, there was so much to write about and so much to remember. It was pretty tough to think back to those very dark days of my early sobriety and the difficult work of getting through the 12 Steps of A.A. for the first time. As the year progressed, finding something new to write about was the harder part, and expressing my gratitude for the richness of my life in sobriety was easy.

In A.A., we talk about sharing our “experience, strength and hope” to help others get sober. I’ve shared some of the ways I coped and learned and made it through another day sober. I hope that my writing this blog has helped some people who are struggling to see that they are not alone, and to get ideas that might work for them. I also hope that my stories have helped some people understand what their partner, their sister, their father, their friend is going through as an alcoholic or addict trying to get sober.

It has been a really great learning experience to reflect on my early days of sobriety. I’ve appreciated the questions and comments from people I know. And I’ve enjoyed and been so inspired by connecting with other people who blog about their own struggles with addiction.

My deepest gratitude to the many people who have been part of my sobriety journey, whether they touched me with a story they shared in an A.A. meeting or on a blog, or worked through the steps with me in my first year of sobriety, or have been supportive people in my life for decades. To all of you, my most humble thanks and appreciation for walking some of this sobriety road with me.

And to the alcoholic or addict who still suffers, I encourage you to get sober any way you can. Try something, try anything to help you get sober. Since I sobered up – 26 years ago tomorrow! – my life has become so much richer and happier and calmer and more joyful. May you find the same contentment and joy – one day at a time.

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